A new Self-Help Book from Greg Valiquette

Lazy* and Organized

The Most Bare-Bones Way to Keep Yourself Organised and Your Mind Relaxed!


1 simple rule and 5 minutes a day will move you from Bad Lazy (beating yourself up, feeling guilty) to Good Lazy (relaxed and confident; like summer days when your only decision is what to have for dinner!)

Keep every promise you make.

This isn’t magic. We’re just going to make sure that in a couple of minutes each day, you’ll be able to remember anything you’ve committed to.

No more forgetting, but even more importantly, no more worrying.


Become a better employee, partner and friend.

So much of life is just showing up and doing what you say you’ll do.

You’ll be super-reliable without the stress and pressure of juggling everything that needs to be done.

The goal is to make you the most reliable, relaxed and happy version of yourself.


Make progress on your goals and dreams.

We’ve all got things we want to accomplish in life. Sometimes we lose sight of those goals and get busy with day-to-day life.

I’ll show you how to make solid, consistent progress on your goals even when you’ve got a million things going on.


I’m going to put you completely in control and you can choose to move at any pace that suits you. All in less than 5 minutes a day!




We all work at different paces, but chances are you’re not lazy, and neither am I.

This book is for people like me who spend too much time beating themselves up. We’ll give your brain the data it needs to put you in control and see how much you can accomplish.

Coming spring 2022

I’d love to get feedback and I hope the methods in the book are as useful to you as they have been to me!

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